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  • Improve PC Performance
  • Increase Hard Drive Space
  • Find and Delete Potential Privacy Risks
  • Speed-up PC Start-up Time


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Improve your PC Performance and Reclaim Hard Drive Space

Is your computer speed crawling at a snail’s pace? Are you frustrated every time you have to reboot your PC? PC Tune-up Pro can relieve you of these frustrating situations by cleaning and optimizing your PC.

Clean out the Junk. Every time you use your computer files and unnecessary items are left behind. You could have megabytes, if not gigabytes, of junk files and leftover items cluttering your PC. Deleting these files will not only improve your PC performance, but restore valuable storage space as well. Download PC Tune-up Pro to find how much junk can be deleted from your PC.

Clean and Repair the Registry. Keeping your computer’s registry clean is vital to it’s overall health. Invalid registry entries or errors can cause frustrating freezes and slow speeds. PC Tune-up Pro will scan the registry to find annd delete invalid or unnecessary entries, keeping your PC running smoothly.

Safe and Easy. PC Tune-up is easy to use – even the most novice PC user can keep their computer running smoothly. It’s also safe to use – our expert developers spent hundreds of hours figuring out how to safely keep your PC clean and healthy.

Delete Files Putting your Privacy at Risk

With one click, PC Tune-up Pro will scan your computer and find items leftover from your online and offline activity. These items include:

  • Windows items: recently opened documents, leftover temp files, your recycle bin, document searches and more.
  • Internet: Search histories, cookies, recenlty viewed web pages, videos, photos, music and more.
  • Chat History: logs of conversations in Skype, Yahoo, MSN and more.
  • Software: items from software products installed on your computer including recentl;y viewed Word documents, temp files, log files and more.

Get Started with PC Tune-up Pro:

Follow the steps below and within minutes you will have a full report of the items available for cleaning on your PC.

  • Click on Download button
  • Select Open or Run to install PC Tune-up Pro
  • Click on Start Scan button to run the free scan. It’s that simple!

PC Tune-Up

  • Try all our free features! No purchase necessary. No trial registration. These features are 100% free to use forever.

    Download PC Tune-up Pro (link to download)

    Speed up your Computer Boot-up Time

    Have you noticed that your computer takes longer and longer to boot up? This is because many of the programs on your computer are automatically starting in the background when you boot up. You don't need all these programs to start however; in fact, you probably only need very few.

    PC Tune-up Pro puts you back in the driver's seat and let's you select which programs you want started when you boot up. Not sure which ones you want? PC Tune-up Pro provides details about each program and recommendations for including (or not) with startup.

    Cleanly Uninstall any Program or Extension from your Computer

    When you uninstall a software program, it will leave behind quite a bit of junk: folders, registry entries, etc. When you uninstall with PC Tune-up Pro however, the program will be removed along with all the junk typically left behind.

    Having Difficulty Removing Browser Extensions? PC Tune-up will show you all extensions and cleanly remove them hassle-free.

    • Registry: remove invalid and nnecessary items to optimize your Windows registry. Includes ability to customize your scan and create a backup of your current registry.
    • Clean Up: keep your PC clean and secure by removing junk files and potential privacy risks.
    • Large files: finds all files larger than 10MB and lets you choose to delete.
    • Toolbox: tools and applications to help you safely manage your computer. Includes License Key Vault, Security Check and DocLock.
    • PC Optimization: additional utilities to optimize your PC. Includes Advancesd scan, Memory Boost, Disk Analyzer, System Monitor Logs and Windows tools quick-links.
    • Delete Duplicates: find and remove duplicate files to reclaim even more disk space.
    • Data Recovery: accidentally lost or deleted your files? Recover your documents, photos or music with PC Tune-up Ultimate.
    • ID Scan: take you personal privacy protection to the next level. Perform a deep scan of your PC for any traces of your personally identifiable information.
    • Shred files: military-grade deletion of sensitive files on your PC which cannot be recovered.
    • Current Version: PC Tune-Up Pro (v 5.1)
    • File Size: 4.03 MB 
    • Supports:Pentium or compatible system 
    • Memory: At least 32 MB RAM 
    • Operating System: Compatible with Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP / Vista / 2000

Customer Reviews – PC Tune-Up™ Defrag Program

Our many satisfied customers have found the PC Tune-UP™ defrag program to be an easy-to-use and highly effective means of solving issues that often lead to a computer freezing up, crashing, and running slowly. We’re here to let you know that you no longer have to live with the frustration of a poorly performing PC. Our defrag program offers computer owners whose PCs are freezing up with both automated and advanced settings. PC Tune-Up™ allows the casual computer user to quickly and easily regain PC speed and performance in just four easy steps. It’s that simple! For more advanced users, the personalized settings built into our defrag program ensure each of our customers are able to optimize their computer the way they see fit. Either way, the days of your computer freezing up can finally end once and for all! If you need help along the way, you may contact our customer support center. We’re here to help. We’re confident PC Tune-Up™ will help you restore your computer’s speed and dramatically enhance its performance, but don’t just take our word for it. Our customers are happy to chime in with some kind words other their own.

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