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The management team at Large Software® has worked in the trenches of some of the largest, most prominent software companies in the world. Many have even tried their hand at the scrappiest of startups. Regardless of previous backgrounds, there is one thing that everyone at Large has in common – a passion for doing things right. Working together, this winning team of creative designers and technologists delivers extraordinary software solutions to easily improve PC performance for our customers. Left brain and right brain. Yin and Yang. You get the point. The team is excited to embark on this new adventure and they are putting everything into their work.

Nick Forcier

Nick Forcier is chief executive officer of Large Software. Forcier has led Large Software quickly to profitability, rapidly growing Large Software from a small startup to a globally recognized player in the software market. He cultivated the company by focusing on smart and simple software solutions, establishing relationships with key technology partners, and targeting domestic and international markets. Nick is frequently interviewed for both Radio, News publications and Books on topics surrounding PC Optimization, and Security, including; CIO Today, Denver Post, WS Radio, The Examiner, NPR Radio, NPR Print, Small Biz Trends, Red Orbit, IT Security Journal, All Business a D&B Company, IT News, Just Tech’n, Technically Speaking Radio, Yahoo, PC World, The Street, Newsfactor Networks, TipAdept, and New World Radio. Also featured in the book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Greening Your Business”. Prior to Large Software, Forcier was director of business development and ran the enterprise department at Anonymizer where he developed and executed new consumer sales channels and doubled the company’s fledgling enterprise division, in less than a year. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing from San Diego State University.

Kelly Knutson
VP of Sales

Kelly Knutson is Vice President of Sales at Large Software. Kelly is a new addition to the team where he brings a wealth of business development and sales expertise. His role is to target global strategic alliances and acquire new sales channels for the company. Prior to joining Large Software, Kelly honed his software and sales acumen from Digital River, Inc., where he was responsible for new acquisitions and implementing profitable partner marketing relationships. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing and Psychology from Concordia College, Moorhead Minnesota.

Seth McKinney
Creative Director

With over 10 years experience in art direction & design, Seth has held positions at several software and marketing companies in Southern California. From branding to messaging supported by countless hours in Photoshop, his concepts have taken many of the nation’s top brands to new heights. He sticks by a firm belief that great design speaks to you in more ways than just aesthetics: it’s about message, feeling, and emotion. Seth is a graduate of the University of Iowa with a Bachelors in Graphic Design.

Kim Butler
VP of Alternative Marketing

Kim Butler is the most recent addition to Large Software’s executive team as vice president of alternative marketing. Leveraging his broad range of web experience, Butler spearheads unconventional marketing platforms such as YouTube, social networks, and more. Prior to Large Software, he developed web sites for destination marketing organizations as an Internet business development manager. Butler has also consulted with several small companies to improve their web site design and search engine optimization programs. In addition, Butler taught technology-related courses for the University of California San Diego Extension program.