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Securely Lock and Password Protect Files, Folders and Documents

  • Password Protect any Important Files or Folders
  • Drag and Drop Technology for Simple Locking Protection
  • Share/Email Locked Files
  • Simple Ease of Use
  • Compact File Size
  • Complements all Security Software
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Message From The CEO

We wanted a simple to use, yet sophisticated product that could keep our personal, private, and sensitive information safe, secure and completely in our control. Whether you’re a computer pro or just an everyday computer user, like me, and everyone in between, dockLock is for you. docLock was created for those concerned about privacy and those that say “It won’t happen to me” …as our parents used to say “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” and when safe is this easy, its hard to pass up.
Nick Forcier, CEO

docLock – Secure Your Vulnerable Information

We all have files on our computer that contain sensitive and personal information, such as tax returns, financial documents, medical records, photos, videos or other items we simply don’t want our children, roommate, work IT guy or others who may come into contact with our computer to see. How do you make certain these important files remain safe and secure? docLock allows you to password protect any file or folder on your computer with ease. Need to take your secure file with you? docLock makes it simple to transport via disk or portable drive for use on any PC. Keep sensitive information completely secure from anyone who may access your computer and keep your personal information in your control at all times.


    • Securely Lock Files, Folders, Documents
      docLock allows you to select the files, folders, documents, photos, video’s, Zip files, PDF’s and other files you wish to lock and password protect. Secure only the files you wish to keep safe.
    • Protect Against Lost or Stolen Personal Information
      docLock allows you a simple way to password protect any personal or sensitive information. Protect yourself against identity theft, financial loss and privacy invasion.
    • Simple to Use
      Install and run in minutes. Follow the “Getting Started” screen to lock your first file in a matter of seconds. No need to read help files, documentation, user manuals, or call the neighborhood computer guru to get started.
    • Drag and Drop Locking/Unlocking Technology
      Lock/Unlock a document at lightning speed with 3 shortcut options; 1) drag and drop the file to docLock, 2) right click the file and choose to Lock/Unlock, or 3) browse to your desired file. So quick!
    • Compact File Size
      docLock is 5 MB in file size, most security software is around 100MB, which means docLock saves the valuable computer resources you need to run programs or surf the web.
    • Share/Email Locked Files
      docLock allows you to share any locked file via email, disk or portable drive with a friend as long as they have the password you created. Feel confident the recipient will be the only one able to access the file.
    • Portable Version
      Take any locked file with you for use on ANY computer by creating a portable version with a simple click of your mouse. Save your files to memory sticks, USB drives, flash drives, external hard drives, or any other device you use to carry or store files.
    • Complements all Security Software
      docLock works with all security and PDF software. Add an additional layer of protection to your Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, Firewall and PDF Software by locking your files.
    • Password Generator
      docLock makes creating a strong password for you a snap. It will automatically generate a password containing letters, upper and lower case, numbers, and symbols, ensuring the greatest password protection over any locked files. Ensure your passwords are impossible to crack.
    • Conceal Passwords in Photos
      Sometimes passwords are hard to remember, remember a photo instead. To make your life easier, docLock can hide your password in any photo you choose (JPEG, Bitmap, or PNG file). Simply choose any password and then tell docLock to hide the password in the photo of your dog Sparky, when you are ready to unlock the file simply choose the picture of Sparky and your file will unlock.
    • Manage Passwords
      Change a locked file’s password at any time. Just choose the file in which you want to make the password change and select a new password. Updating passwords is easy and helps to maintain ultimate security.
    • Secure Delete
      Often times a deleted file will still be recoverable from your hard drive. docLock Secure Delete makes it easy to remove files so they will be completely unrecoverable.
    • Clean Free Space
      docLock will clean all free space on your computer drives. This helps ensure deleted items remain unrecoverable and your computer continues to run smoothly by removing remnants of old files.
    • WiFi Document Security
      Connect to any WiFi network whether at the local coffee shop, traveling through an airport or hotel, with complete piece of mind knowing that even snoops cannot view or read your locked files. Your information is always kept private and in your control when you are on the go.
    • Advanced Features
      For those who want to really take it to the next level, choose from 8 different encryption algorithms, for complete and total control of all your locked files and folders. This ensures your locked files remain completely secure.
    • Computer owners
    • Novice computer users
    • Parents
    • Moms/Dads
    • Grandparents
    • Roommates
    • Students
    • Doctors
    • Lawyers
    • Accountants

    • Billing Departments
    • Financial Planners
    • Employee Personnel
    • Human Resources
    • Payroll
    • Loan Officers
    • Mortgage Brokers
    • Remote Employees
    • Telecommuters
    • Researchers

    • Sales people
    • People that share a computer
    • People that just want to keep personal files safe
    • People who handle sensitive information or data
    • People who have important documents on their computers that for no other reason than they want to keep their docs safe and secure
    • Everyone

    • Tax documents
    • W2’s
    • Loan documents
    • Financial documents
    • Mortgage documents
    • Credit card information
    • Bank account information
    • Bank Pin codes
    • Social Security number(s)

    • Billing Departments
    • Expenses, household, work etc.
    • Copy of Birth Certificates
    • Copy of Passports
    • Copies of your ID
    • Phone Numbers
    • Living Wills/Trusts
    • Medical Records
    • Insurance Policies
    • Travel Itineraries

    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Precious Memories
    • Resumes
    • Payroll reports
    • Personnel files
    • Contracts
    • PDF’s
    • Word docs, power points presentations, excel spreadsheets, PDF’s etc.

    *Practically any important files, valuable documents, and personal or confidential info

    • Anyone that does not have permission to see your personal, private or confidential information
    • People that share your computer
    • Snoops
    • Prying eyes

    • Children that use the family computer
    • Roommates that share a computer
    • Identity Thieves
    • Hackers

    • Computer technicians
    • Remote help repair people
    • IT Staff
    • Competitors
    • Do you have old W2's, financial statements, tax documents, mortgage documents, medical records, household expenses, precious family memories, copy of passports, or ID's, do you have phone numbers or addresses of others on your PC
    • Do you keep your credit card numbers, social security numbers, pin numbers or banking info on your computer
    • Do you have sensitive documents like your tax return, financial documents, etc. that you need to email to another party but do not want that information lost or stolen or viewed by anyone not the intended recipient
    • Do you have financial or other important documents on your home computer that you don't want your children to get into?
    • Have you ever emailed something, and thought "What if someone got their hands on this?" You don't know who or what could do this, but you are nervous that it could happen and nervous to hit the send button in your email program? This could be as simple as someone close to you asking to email your credit card number for a small purchase; this can be very scary right
    • Are you a telecommuter and use your work computer for personal use, and have files that you don't want your company to necessarily know you have on there like a resume, or household expenses, paycheck stubs etc.?
    • Do you have school work on your home computer you can't afford to lose? Do you also work on school projects at home and at school?
    • Are you donating, recycling, or giving away your old PC, does that PC have any files that may contain sensitive info like bank info, credit card info, or anything you want to keep private and or secure
    • Do you email sensitive files or documents at home or work
    • Do you have pictures on your pc that you want to keep safe, not because they might be racy but because they are personal?
    • Are you new to computers or don't have a lot of experience with computers and not sure how to run a program like this
    • Do you have a nanny, cleaning crew, or in home help that you want to be sure does not snoop on personal information
    • Do you think it would be cool to have the same technology you see in spy movies, but so easy to use you don't have to be a rocket scientist
    • Do you work on work projects at home and afraid of losing them
    • Do you use a flash drive or USB drive to transfer files between work and home?
    • Do you have a sales proposal that needs to be kept private especially from competitors?
    • Do you deal with documents that have customer credit card info, social security numbers, or other important information that needs to be emailed to another person or party?
  • See What Some of Us at LargeSoftware Use docLock for:

    • Nick: "I use DocLock at home to lock all my financial information like my bank info, social security number and other financial documents that might contain my personal private information. At work I use DocLock to send sales proposals to clients, and email employee reviews to human resources."
    • Cathy: "I am an amateur photographer away from work, I take pictures of everything, and each picture means something different to me. These are my precious memories that I want to keep safe. I lock all my photos."
    • Phil: "Well I keep my personal finances on my work computer which also doubles as my personal computer and the IT guys are always on my PC, you just don't want them to see that stuff."
    • Susan: "I use DocLock all the time at work to send and receive anything relating to employees. This is always sensitive information that is usually "For Your Eyes Only"
    • Kelly:"If I have to send a sales proposal, I always use DocLock to lock and send, I can't have competitors getting their hands on the numbers."
    • Chad:"I have 3 roommates and apparently I am the only one with a computer, and everyone seems to always want to use it. I have stuff like my paycheck info, credit card info and other things I don't want them to see when they "Borrow my computer for the internet"."
    • Jessica: "I send my parents photos of their grandchild all the time, and I just don't want anyone else seeing some of our family treasures."
    • Kim: "I happen to be the manager of my fantasy football and baseball teams, and I have everyone's names and numbers and addresses on my computer. I would feel horrible if I lost or got my laptop stolen and all that info was just floating around."
    • Nate: "I use DocLock to lock contracts and send securely. I need to keep the information contained in the contracts completely confidential."
    • Jeff: "I use my work PC as my personal PC and since it's a laptop and I have plenty of documents that have my SSN, I want to make sure that it is safe and sound."
    • Rob: "I just bought a house with my wife so I have all my mortgage documents, financial history, bank statements, W2's and other items on my computer because I had to email them all over to my loan officer. I don't want all that personal data and information out in the open; I don't know whose hands that could end up in."

    *Check back for more LargeSoftware team member uses

How Our People Use docLock

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System Requirements

Current Version: docLock 2016
File Size: 5 MB
Supports: At least 32 MB RAM
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP / Vista / 2000