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Large Software® - Simple Solutions to Address Slow Computer Problems and Improve PC Performance

It's time for a fresh look on software. It's time for smart and simple solutions to help computer users of all levels solve slow computer problems and improve PC performance. It's time for Large Software®.
With over 15 years experience in the software industry, the founding team has expertise in software development, user interface, market intelligence, and quality assurance. This all boils down to one thing: a very happy customer.

The company's approach is simple – empower customers with smart software that is easy to use. Our premier product, PC Tune-Up™, will enable you to quickly, easily, and effectively address frustrating slow computer problems – and improve PC performance to keep your system running smoothly for the long-term. This solution has set the stage for the many Large Software® products to come. Be sure to check back often and see what we're up to.

LargeSoftware has been featured in some of the premier international and US computer Magazines including; Clickx, PC Magazine, PC Pro, PC Authority, Computer Shopper, Personal Computer World, The Computer Active, Internet Magazine, Smart Computing, Quale Computer, CPU Magazine, Computer Bild, PC Professionale (VIP Award) TechWorld, Computer Buyer, PC Magazine Belgium, Laptop Magazine, Windows IT Pro, Entrepreneur Magazine, and PC World.

PC Tune-Up and Password Manager have also been featured in some of the nation’s top media outlets including; The Washington Post, The Denver Post, The Financial Times, Le Soleil, Red Herring, The Ledger, Red Orbit, TMC Net, Monitoring Times, The Telescope, BNET, Winston Salem Journal, Reuters, The Tech Herald, The Charlotte Observer, The Pittsburgh Tribune, Guam Pacific Daily, Tucson Citizen and The Cincinnati Times.

Largesoftware’s executives are frequently interviewed for both Radio, News publications and Books on topics surrounding PC Optimization, and Security, including; CIO Today, Denver Post, WS Radio, The Examiner, NPR Radio, NPR Print, Small Biz Trends, Red Orbit, IT Security Journal, All Business a D&B Company, IT News, Just Tech’n, Technically Speaking Radio, Yahoo, PC World, The Street, Newsfactor Networks, TipAdept, and New World Radio. Also featured in the book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Greening Your Business”

Large Software® is a privately owned company that was founded in 2006 by NNJ Corporation. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California.

Large Software®. Smart and simple.

About PC Tune-Up™ from Large Software®

Plain and simply: PC Tune-Up™ can help breath new life into your computer. Our program makes it incredibly easy to solve slow computer problems and improve PC performance. PC Tune-Up™ is a highly effective computer defrag program that removes those items that cause crashes, slow running speeds, and freezing. In just four easy steps, PC Tune-Up™ helps computer users of all levels optimize their settings, make quick backups of their systems, scan for errors and bad files, and clear clutter to increase hard drive space. PC Tune-Up™ further helps preserve valuable hard drive space by keeping its own system small – just 3MB.

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