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Welcome to the Official Ed Bassmaster Fan Club. The Bassmaster has entertained us on YouTube with a sundry of hilarious characters (yes, we just said “sundry”...look it up), hundreds of videos, and millions of laughs. Almost overnight, Ed Bassmaster’s fan base increased exponentially and demanded to know more about their icon. Thus, the OFFICIAL Ed Bassmaster Fan Club was born.

Ed Bassmaster is rated in the Top 100 Comedians on YouTube and has garnered ten million video views and counting! The Bassmaster lives in Philadelphia with his wife and son and finds inspiration in everyday items like bubblegum, daisy dukes, and dogs. Read on for some fun facts about the one, the ONLY, Ed Bassmaster.

Meet Eds Characters:

Neil Crevice

Neil is a simple man who enjoys jump rope competitions, working out and walking his two dogs.

Favorite Food:
Protein Bars
Best Childhood Memory:
Taking 1st place in the Ohio State Jump Roping Finals.
Funniest Person You Know:
Harry Crevice (father)
What are you reading now:
Muscle Milk ingredients
Favorite Music:
Techno and Country
Who gets your vote in November?
Harp Seals
Last Movie you Saw:
Problem Child
Words to live by:
Never let a milk carton laugh at you... crush it!
Most amazing place you've visited:
The Mattress Factory
Dream Car:
Mitsubishi Eclipse (speed and elegance)
Biggest Inspiration:
Pauly Shore
Pepsi or Coke?
Some College
Biggestet Indulgence:
6' 2" (my oldest brother)
Favorite Dog:
I got two!!
Embarrassing Computer Moment
Being peed on by an elephant
Aspire to be:
#1 Jump Roper in the world
Proudest Moment
Catching and relocating a lost skunk


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